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Calories matter

Burning more calories overtime than you consume is absolutely necessary for body fat loss and weight reduction. It’s simple math and there’s no mystery about it. Understanding food values and meal composition is a basic skill necessary for consistent weight loss

Tip of the Day

Weighing yourself daily has always been thought to be a bad thing to do, however, it can be used quite successfully to manage your weight. Weight loss happens when one is using more calories than they’re burning on average over time. Over the course of a month if you are eating below your needs, your weight decreases. However, if you were to weigh yourself daily for a month straight, you may only see scale weight losses 2 times weekly at best, even when your eating is perfect. The human body is 70% water and your kidneys control fluid balance in your body. This regulation depends on several factors including sodium intake, carb intake, muscle soreness, sleep, sunburn, inflammation due to illness and water intake.
The issue with weighing infrequently or once a week or two is that its likely you will miss the low scale weight leading you to believe your program isn’t working and then either quitting or prematurely cutting calories even lower.

You also have to consider how often one evacuates their bowels as this too can offset frequency of weight loss seen on the scale.

As you can see, there are many variables to weight loss and if you weigh infrequently you may be disappointed.

The rebuttal will be ill still see the loss eventually but if you were to weigh frequently you can more quickly confirm your intake works or not, thus making adjustments more timely and efficient.

Generally people that choose to weigh infrequently or not at all just don’t fully understand how the process works and unfortunately developed a fear of the scale.

Weighing daily will show loss faster. Some days will show lower weight and others higher, but when the process is working, the higher wts go lower and the lower weights go lower to. In other words, the overall trend goes downward if graphed over the month but you get more frequent weight loss validation, thus giving confidence in the program. Once you experience the downward trend of frequent weighing weight loss, your fears of the scale will be gone. The scale is just a tool to help assess progress. If you weigh yourself and its up two lbs from the day before because of muscle soreness (water retention due to temporary inflammation), your more likely going to make sure your foods are cleaner that day. The false highs are most likely going to remind you to eat cleanly that day

Open yourself up to the benefits of daily weighing and be on your way to consistent and permanent weight loss


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